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A stale web presence is a waste of money. That's why we focus on keeping things updated.


About Us

Arlene Weinstock Creative was founded in 2002 by Arlene Weinstock to help people who were too busy to find time for updating and tweaking websites. She had first hand experience as the VP of a high tech start-up in charge of everything the President of the company was not doing.

"Updating the website? it didn't happen, because there were not enough hours in a day and I believe I was not the only business executive too busy to get to the web updating," says Arlene.

"Arlene Weinstock Creative gave me the opportunity to integrate my analytical detail oriented business skills with my creative art skills in a single job. My early career after getting my Fine Arts degree at Boston University was as a commercial artist working on publications. Over the years, my work morphed into sales and management in technology oriented companies. In 2001, I decided to study website design and development at the Corcoran Museum School in Washington DC. Arlene Weinstock Creative began business in 2002.

"I made the decision to focus on small businesses - professionals, independents, craftspeople, creatives, mom & pops. I believe this is an under-served business sector that can greatly benefit from good planning for selecting the web services that best suit their budgets and help their businesses prosper. It is easy to spend too much money and not get a return for the effort. Using a corporate approach to staging the introduction of new website pages or web channels gives a small business time to see how things are working and make better judgments on where to move next, without spending too much up front.

A website and web presence are ever changing, so pace yourself.

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Arlene Weinstock Creative is located in Long Beach California, and is accessible from anywhere by email or phone - 424.248.9988